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Our customers are using InTelestageTM
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insight-led Data-Driven Marketing.

Turn customer data into actionable insight

The Challenge:

Transitioning from conviction-led, broadcast activity that could be draining value from your subscriber base, into the world of insight-led, micro-targeted and personalised activity to drive profitable relationships with your customers requires a cyclic portfolio of Customer Value Management activity.

The Opportunity

Six ways our customers benefit from an insight-led approach

Typically our customers see the following benefits from an insight-led, micro-targeted and cyclic portfolio of CVM activity:

  1. A reduction in the operational workload of BI Analysts for basic campaign operations.
  2. A faster time-to-market from development of a campaign business case to being in operation.
  3. A comprehensive portfolio of insight-led campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle.
  4. A deeper understanding of which activities are draining or cannibalising value from the customer base.
  5. A clear strategy for the commercial levers that campaigning will address.
  6. A clear measurement of the incremental revenues generated from proactive Customer Value Management activity.


Analysing actionable insights for Data-Driven Marketing

  1. A timely and easily accessible analysis of your customer base is the baseline for any data-driven CVM strategy. From your existing assets, being either your Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence tools, or existing InTelestageTM data environment, our team of industry experts will conduct a thorough review and diagnosis of the usage behaviour, product holdings, and demographics of your customer base to create a de-averaged view of the dynamics occurring across different segments of the base.
  2. Operationalising activity to automate CVM involves implementing a cyclic weekly or bi-weekly operational process for Data-Driven Marketing. This is an important step to build a regular sustainable level of activity with continuous learning. This is made even more relevant with a constantly changing product set, and competitive landscape. We follow our 5D model for Data-Driven Marketing, automating the execution of customer communications and fulfilment.
  3. Accurately measuring the true incremental value stimulated by your activity in a precise way and across multiple Key Performance Indicators, our weekly or bi-weekly operational process forms the baseline for the subsequent decisions and activity by thoroughly evaluating the performance of each cycle. Both statistically representative and unpolluted individual campaign and global control groups are used to determine the true revenue uplift stimulated by the campaign portfolio as well as keeping an eye on the potential cannibalisation of other services.

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Technology & Services

Integrated software solutions to generate insight and automate activity

BLS offers a range of integrated, high-performance software platforms to support the CVM services and pragmatically automate the weekly or bi-weekly cycles.

  1. The InTelestage™ Insight and Analytics Platform is a suite of tools designed for the business user to help navigate important areas of base analysis and trends in the formulation of a campaign portfolio. An Analytical Data Store provides the foundation on which to model, segment, and profile your customer base across a range of attributes. Visual dashboards present the information in an easily digestible and exportable way. The BLS CVM team can also leverage these tools to provide either a one-off diagnostics project or a regular managed services programme designed around the 5D model.
    A full diagnosis of the Customer base would typically comprise the following:

    InTelestage™ Campaign Evaluation provides a view for diagnosis of individual campaign performance, comparing the target segment against the control group and measuring the true incremental uplift generated by the campaign across multiple KPIs. Users are able to drill in to view each KPI in more detail as well as extract and export the analysis.

  2. The InTelestage™ Campaign Management solution provides the tools to execute the automation of the campaign activity. Flexible, functional, and highly configurable advanced business rules can be set up for:
    • Micro-segmented campaigns eligibility and targeting
    • Periodic, staggered or near-real-time rewarding rules
    • Multi-channel, interactive and personalised communications and opt-in
    • Automated fulfilment through Service Provisioning Orchestration