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Keep your customers active

The Challenge:

Engaging your customers in an, economically viable, two-way dialogue is the cornerstone of a proactive engagement strategy to keep consumers loyal to your network and services.

Short of having a proactive phone conversation with every individual consumer, managers of large low to medium value bases have limited tools at their disposal to engage and support their consumers in a meaningful relationship other than when a customer calls the call centre or visits an outlet.

The Opportunity

Three ways our customers earn from an active, loyal customer base

Typically our customers see the following benefits from a lifecycle-based programme of activity and Loyalty Programmes:

  1. Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  2. Incremental net service revenues and ARPU
  3. Increased customer acquisition and a reduction in churn rates, increasing your count of active customers


Automating two-way dialogue that keeps customers loyal

One of the world’s leading CSP groups asked BLS to provide a technology platform and short managed service to engage customers. After an initial diagnostic project where we segmented the base by tenure and value and defined a contact strategy for the welcome and churn stages of the subscriber lifecycle, we then recommended and implemented a portfolio of around 200 campaigns optimised for different lifecycle and value segments of the base.

The campaigns were designed on a ‘T+X’ basis, where X represented the time since activation to manage different scenarios for Inflow management, base development, retention and win-back stages of the lifecycle. At the end of a 3 month managed service contract we were able to report on the net increase in revenue and the number of incremental active users – all measured against a global control group.

In addition to this, several of the worlds leading CSPs have engaged with BLS to manage the design and implementation of their Loyalty Programmes, focusing on launching an additional service for their customers, with a new ‘currency’ type (points), which keeps customers engaged and loyal to the network.

Technology & Services

Three InTelestageTM solutions that improve customer experience

We offer a number of different solutions to help keep your customers loyal to your network and services and improve engagement with automated Loyalty Programmes:

  1. InTelestage™ Campaign Management Solution (CMS) – A full end-to-end solution managing a complete portfolio of multiple, concurrent and micro-targeted targeted offers on a cyclic basis. The offers are driven based on the customer eligibility, lifecycle stages, product holdings, behavioural changes, value, and tenure, delivering automated reward fulfilment in either near-real-time or on a cyclic accumulative basis.
  2. InTelestage™ Individual Customer Loyalty Platform (i-CLP) – Specifically for CSPs looking to reward customers for their usage and tenure with points, status tiers, or milestone badges in return for specific behaviours. The i-CLP empowers customers with the freedom of choice to redeem their points or benefit from their qualifying status for multiple reward types either from your product set or for experience-based discounts or lifestyle rewards with third party business partners. This underpins a ‘More for More’ strategy where customers are offered value in return for their loyalty and adoption and usage of a greater range and/or volume of your service offerings.
  3. InTelestage™ Pre-packaged Service Monetisation Platforms – Compliment your existing assets and be up and running quickly with our list of predefined, pre-configured integrated solutions that enable you set up specific Use Cases and Value Added Services that generate incremental revenue and provide an automated, low cost sales channel.