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Our customers are using InTelestageTM
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Increase up-sell and cross-sell

The Challenge:

Precisely targeted activity to encourage users to either consume more of a service or adopt new services is probably the most critical role of any Data-Driven CVM Programme.

Currently, 4G/LTE adoption and usage is one of the most important KPIs and is every CVM team’s priority, along with maintaining Voice and SMS revenues and avoiding the risk of cross-service cannibalisation.

Depending on the level of market and Opco maturity, the scale of this challenge varies significantly. The ultimate goal is for customer behaviour and/or changes to location or device to automatically drive a triggered offer in real-time. The offer needs to have a contextual and personalised message, with a highly relevant incentive, and the reward delivered in real-time.

There are many trade-offs that have to be made on this journey towards precision and automation in the telecommunications environment. The speed and length of that journey is generally governed by market maturity, scalability to mine the vast quantities of data, and availability and configurability of the environment to achieve this level of automation.

The Opportunity

Four KPIs our customers achieve with up-sell and cross-sell campaigning

Typically our customers see the following benefits by focussing on automating up-sell and cross-sell initiatives:

  1. An increase in the adoption of products and services through increased awareness and timely, relevant offers.
  2. An increase in monthly Net Service Revenues
  3. An increase in active base
  4. Turning an outbound channel (cost) into a proactive revenue-generating channel.


Supporting you on every step of your CVM journey

BLS is working with customers to drive the adoption and usage of 4G/LTE services whilst maintaining service revenues on traditional Voice and SMS services. For some CSPs we have extended this across the full commercial service portfolio including prepaid, post-paid and hybrid mobile, fixed line, broadband, TV and mobile financial services business lines, in order to understand the customer as an ‘Individual’. Advanced provisioning orchestration allows the InTelestageTM solutions to be able to offer a combination of different values from different services with different expiries as a reward type – provisioning over multiple APIs as part of a local workflow, thereby creating unique and personalised bundles.

For others we are pushing the boundaries with our latest real-time trigger generation and workflow decisioning capability. Wherever you are on this road to maturity – BLS has a solution to help you.

Technology & Services

Four InTelestageTM solutions proven to generate incremental revenue

We have a range of solutions to help our customers automate up-sell and cross-sell campaigns that drive incremental value from increased consumption of existing or adoption of new services:

  1. InTelestage™ Campaign Management Solution  – A full end-to-end solution managing a complete portfolio of multiple, concurrent, and micro-targeted offers on a cyclic basis. The offers are driven based on customer eligibility, lifecycle stages, product holdings, behavioural changes, value, and tenure – delivering automated reward fulfilment in either near-real-time or on a cyclic accumulative basis.
  2. InTelestage™ Individual Customer Loyalty Platform (i-CLP) – Specifically for CSPs looking to reward customers for their usage and tenure with points, status tiers, or milestone badges in return for specific behaviours, i-CLP empowers subscribers with the freedom of choice to redeem their points or benefit from their qualifying status for multiple reward types. The rewards can either be exchanged for services and products from the CSP or could include discounts or lifestyle rewards with third party business partners. These programmes underpin a ‘More for More’ strategy where customers are offered value in return for their loyalty, adoption, and usage of a greater range and/or volume of services consumed.
  3. InTelestage™ Individual Contextual Decisioning Platform (i-CDP) – A specific solution for the configuration and generation of multiple real-time triggers that initiate a workflow of contextual decisions. Combined with rich but latent data that determines eligibility, i-CDP delivers highly targeted real-time and personalised offers to your customers.
  4. InTelestage™ Pre-packaged Service Monetisation – Compliment your existing assets and be up and running quickly with our list of predefined, pre-configured integrated solutions that enable you set up specific Use Cases and Value Added Services that generate incremental revenue and provide an automated, low cost sales channel.