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Deliver personalised contextual offers

The Challenge

CVM and Product Managers need to ensure that multiple personalised offers to small groups of subscribers are driving the uptake of new and existing products/services based on either simple or complex contextual triggers. True ‘context’ involves blending a real-time trigger from customer behaviour, location, or usage experiences, with rich but latent profile and preference data about the customer as an individual. This delivers a more customer-centric approach to outbound campaigning where customer activity drives the offer or communication, rather than the decision of the CSP to make a generic batch offer to multiple customers at a particular date and time.

The Opportunity

Seven ways our customers profit from contextually triggered campaigns

Typically our customers see the following benefits from contextually triggered and personalised use cases:

  1. Improved conversion rates.
  2. Enriched relevancy and experience for the customer to positively impact your Net Promoter Score.
  3. Incremental revenue generated by influencing the customer decisions during the purchase process.
  4. Increased Customer Lifetime Value.
  5. Increased base activity and share of wallet by recognising multi-sim users.
  6. Increased 4G/LTE take-up by contextually driving customers to fully utilise the capabilities of their device.
  7. Additional business partnership opportunities through location-aware notifications.


Automating contextual offers triggered by dynamic user data

Traditional, batch-based CVM activities go a long way to addressing this challenge, however BLS has developed a new advanced approach, specifically tailored to the telecommunications data environments and to work alongside existing Campaign Management solutions. Our advanced solution automates contextual offer use cases, including:

  • Triggering a welcome message upon activation when a new device gets turned on and registers with the network, and welcoming back existing customers that have been switched off for a period of time.
  • Identifying when a customer has changed their device to drive offers related to the capability of their new device.
  • Recognising when a customer’s bundle or main airtime balance is depleted, or close to being depleted, in order to deliver a contextual offer based on their typical spend/recharge cycle.
  • Recognising changes in normal voice usage within fixed timeframes and offering an ‘abundance accelerator’ for customers to increase their usage to a higher threshold.
  • Recognising usage in a particular location to drive offers in your stores or with your retail partners.
  • Contextually driving offers and information to customers based on their particular use of 4G/LTE services for specific web surfing, app download, or data-based chat and voice activity.

Technology & Services

The advanced InTelestageTM platform that harnesses the power of context

  • The InTelestage™ Individual Contextual Decisioning Platform (i-CDP) is specifically designed for the configuration and generation of multiple real-time triggers that initiate a workflow of user-configured contextual decisions. Combined with rich, but latent profile data that determines eligibility, i-CDP delivers highly targeted real-time and personalised offers to your customers as the individuals they are, for a higher take-up propensity and improved Customer Experience.

    Working flexibly with multiple input sources that can be either file or web-service based, i-CDP processes large quantities of data in-memory into counters, on which complex rules for trigger generation can be configured. The user friendly graphical interface allows the rapid configuration of decision and action rules for individual subscriber interactions and treatments.