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Our customers are using InTelestageTM
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Achieve CVM best practice

It is a well-established principal that software alone is likely to achieve limited results. An effective CVM programme will have 3 pillars in place, with People (skills) and Process in addition to the Platforms being vital elements of the equation.

The Opportunity

The challenge is in how best to acquire the skills and experience required to implement such an important change in your business and how to manage the transformation required from acquisition-led to value-based growth.

The BLS Marketing Excellence Centre is a dedicated team of professionals who work with our CSP customers to ensure they get a fast return on their technology investment and that they build their own internal best practice capability.


Our team of experts have had first hand experience of building, running and working in operational CVM teams around the world. We cover the full spectrum from strategy through to operational execution, delivered in a way that makes most sense for you in your current market situation.


Alex Ford is the BLS Marketing Excellence Centre Director of Customer Value Management – He would be delighted to have a conversation as to how we can help you build an appropriate centre of excellence for your business.

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Marketing Excellence Centre

Our philosophy is to work with our customers, empowering and transferring knowledge to their teams and helping them build the capability in a pragmatic and action-orientated way.

We do this via a range of specific interventions that could be one off diagnostic projects, a Fast Start Programme for a period of time on the back of new technology implementation, or through a fully Managed CVM Service.

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