Our customers are using InTelestageTM
solutions to transform their businesses with
insight-led Data-Driven Marketing.

Supporting our CSPs on their Customer Value Management journey

Our Customer Value Management solutions are proving their capabilities with CSPs in both developed
and maturing markets globally, enabling them to transform base activity effectively to generate incremental revenue.

InTelestageTM proves its worth for CSPs in developed and maturing markets

Since 1998, we’ve been helping CSPs directly address their really critical KPIs with a fact-based, quantified approach to the development and management of large subscriber bases. Whilst we launched in the world of pre-pay, today we are fully supporting our customers across the full range of communication services including fixed-line, broadband, value added services, TV, or mobile financial services.

Use cases

Turn customer data into actionable insight

Transition from conviction-led, broadcast activity that could be draining value from your subscriber base into the world of insight-led, micro-targeted and personalised activity to drive profitable relationships with your customers.

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Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Precisely target activity to encourage users to either consume more of a service or adopt new services such as 4G/LTE whilst maintaining Voice and SMS revenues, and create a new sales channel for bundles.

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Deliver personalised contextual offers

Implement a more customer-centric approach to outbound campaigning where customer activity drives the offer or communication, rather than the decision of the CSP to make a generic batch offer to multiple customers at a particular date and time.

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Keep your customers active

In just 12 weeks with limited resources you could launch a portfolio of 200+ micro-targeted campaigns that automate your customer lifecycle and establish an automated two-way dialogue with subscribers.

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Achieve CVM best practice

Build the capability to implement your CVM programme in a pragmatic and action-orientated way - from strategy through to operational execution in a way that makes most sense for you in your current market situation.

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