Our InTelestageTM Data-Driven Marketing
solutions are increasing Customer Lifetime Value
across bases in both developing and mature markets

BLS Advanced Provisioning & Communications Service Orchestration

The provisioning of personalised, precisely targeted communications and rewards is high on the Customer Value Management agenda. BLS has developed a very powerful, multi-channel communication and provisioning capability that is proven to enable effective campaigning that generates incremental revenue.

Integrated communications for joined up Data-Driven Marketing

Our telco specific Service Orchestration is driven by an advanced workflow decisioning tool designed to deliver a huge amount of flexibility and potential for our customers that are looking to integrate different channels – whether it be for communication of messages or offers, or for the provisioning of offers across different platforms.

Whilst our expertise was founded in the world of pre-pay, today we are fully supporting our customers across the full range of communication services – including fixed-line, broadband, Value Added Services, TV, and mobile financial services.

Reward Manager

Reward Manager is an advanced module for Service Orchestration that manages connectivity with any available fulfilment destinations across multiple technologies. It enables automated provisioning either as direct rewarding commands over API, or file extraction, and can combine multiple commands together through logical workflows.

Multi-Channel Message Gateway

Multi-Channel Message Gateway provides manageable connectivity through multiple protocols with your existing below-the-line communication channel systems. It manages priority sending orders, TPS restrictions, and allowable messaging timeframes for both inbound and outbound messages.

Campaign Reporter

Campaign Reporter provides an out-of-the-box catalogue of operational reports with drill down details of your profiles, campaigns, and loyalty programme portfolios. It presents easily extractable information in both graphical and tabular formats.

Contact Policy

Contact Policy filters all outbound messages from the InTelestageTM Platforms, ensuring that no more than X offer messages are sent to a customer within Y days/weeks, a fortnight or a month of each other. A contact policy can be defined based on campaign types and/or subscriber types.

Approval Tree

Approval Tree is the internal messaging and approval management application for users of the InTelestage™ platform. Administrators are able to build several Approval Workflow Decision Trees, made up of different tasks, which can be used for different campaign types, ensuring the right campaigns are approved for production and launch by the right stakeholders.