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Meet BLS @ AfricaCom

Meet BLS @ AfricaCom

Posted by: rfrancombe Posted in: Date: 04 Nov 2016

Business Logic Systems CEO, Richard Lewis, & Sales Director for Africa, Sachin Maharaj, will be in Cape Town between the 14th and 17th November at the annual AfricaCom conference

  • Are you a Telecommunications Service Provider looking for ways to generate incremental revenue from your existing products and services?
  • Are you in an industry outside of telecommunications, and looking to see how you can best leverage the mobile device as a marketing tool or to provide your customers a digital customer experience?
  • Are you interested in learning the latest best-practices for running proactive, micro-segmented and measurable Customer Value Management initiatives?
  • Is your Loyalty Programme ready for an overhaul for an omni-channel digital customer experience?

Book your meeting with Richard and/or Sachin at the conference to get some insight into what we've learned this year working with our customers and partners accross Africa. Contact us to schedule a time slot that will fit with your calendar.

The African Telco market continues to become more and more challenging. Net service revenue and share-of-wallet is being squeezed as the market gets increasingly competitive year on year. The Over-the-top (OTT) players are starting to grab a higher share of consumer spend as smartphone penetration increases. The rollout of 4G has been expensive, and it is a challenge to deliver on the revenues that the business forecast promised. It's not easy, but the growth opportunity remains strong when the right strategies are put in place and you focus on managing the value of your customers rather than the volume.

Our range of Software solutions, InTelestageTM, and Marketing Excellence Centre team of Customer Value Management industry experts can be at your disposal to help you proactively address such challenges. 

At BLS, our passion is helping you to unlock the value within your data. We work with you to implement revenue generating Value Added Services and put in place the integrated mechanisms needed to have personalised contextual offers ready for your customers accross multiple engagement channels, to stretch their spend for the right reasons, satisfy their needs, guaratee repeat purchase and measure the comparative usage and spend growth against a statistically relevant control group. We grow the average profit per customer and help to ease the pressure on opex.

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