We deliver a comprehensive range of Technical
and CVM services to help accelerate the return from
your investment in our InTelestageTM technology.

Fast Start Programme

Our philosophy is to work with our CSP customers, empowering and transferring knowledge to their teams and helping them build the capability in a pragmatic and action-orientated way. We do this via a range of specific interventions. This could include an optional Fast Start Programme with our CVM team of experts to work with you for a period of time on the back of the new technology implementation, to accelerate the return on your investment and help you build an effective operational cycle of activity.

Launch Campaigns within 3 months



The key to a successful implementation is attention to detail when defining the Scope of Work. BLS sends a team of professional project managers, architects and engineers to you, where they gather functional requirements, integration samples, technical pre-requisites and a detailed understanding of your existing environment and processes. From here, your bespoke platform can be designed to work seamlessly with the available sources of data, communication channels and provisioning interfaces without impacting your existing environment.


From the moment the physical or virtual hardware environment is ready, BLS engineers will install and integrate the agreed software scope. Data is sourced, loaded, verified, thoroughly validated, and communication channels and provisioning integrations are tested for performance and stability. Once integrated, BLS conducts a thorough functional User Acceptance Test as well as end-to-end performance testing for Provisional Acceptance and Go-Live Readiness.


BLS offers a variety of tailored Training Courses and Knowledge Transfer Programmed using your implemented solution. A Training Needs Analysis is carried out and our standardized training courses are then tailored for the specific needs of your implementation and your market.

Our instructor-led Training Courses can be delivered either on-site or we’d be happy to welcome you to our Solution Center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. All courses include customized Training Manuals and Campaign Example Workbooks along with a User Guide and on-line help system built into the InTelestageTM applications.

Once ready to go, BLS will also provide an Operational Assurance period, where your Solution Specialist will stay with you on site to support your team with the initial use of the system, prior to a full handover to our 24×7 Support Team.