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Business Logic Systems and DSG announce strategic partnership

Business Logic Systems and DSG announce strategic partnership

Posted by: rfrancombe Posted in: Date: 06 Dec 2016

Data-driven Customer Value Management specialists, Business Logic Systems (BLS), and established Integrated Customer Experience experts, Digital Solutions Group, have announced today the signing of a formal strategic partnership. The partnership brings together two companies with a combined 36 year experience of working with mobile devices, communications technology and the management and processing of the large data volumes that the industry generates, to offer seamless solutions for enhanced and personalised customer experiences and digital marketing.

Together, BLS and DSG plan to jointly innovate, using their already extensive experience as the platform for the future. Each bringing their own areas of expertise to the partnership, BLS in the space of high-volume Customer Data Management, Loyalty Programmes and real-time business rules orchestration for Customer Value Management and Measurement, and DSG in the space of cross industry, digitally-led Mobile Marketing, Campaign and Promotion Management, Mobile Virtual Network Enablement and Mobile Applications for advanced Customer Engagement. 

The initial focus for the partnership is with the Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) a company within the DSG Group. MVNE is an established company offering the full spectrum of solutions and services to assist any brand in becoming an MVNO in South Africa. From Managed Network Connectivity to Managed Business Operations all the way through to Managed Customer Experience, MVNE is ready to support any brand’s MVNO strategy. Combining this with the BLS Customer Value Management solutions portfolio, offers the added value to help the brand proactively manage the customer lifecycle with measureable and targeted engagement, linking the customer journey with the existing strategy and values of their core business, all the time using the mobile device to contextually drive the right stimulus with the appropriate audience.

Commenting on the new partnership, Zak van de Merwe, Co-founder and CEO of MVNE said:

In the telecommunications space, relevant and personalized customer service has become paramount.  In this vein, most of the brands we aid in launching their MVNO initiatives not only understand but value an integrated approach to managing the on-going conversation with their consumers. It is an established principle in our Group to partner with leading organisations to complement our services to our clients and offer as comprehensive a solution as possible – we’re excited about the partnership with BLS as it brings an additional dimension of excellence to the services we can offer our clients.  ”

Richard Lewis, CEO of Business Logic Systems commented:

I am delighted that our two companies have established this strategic partnership that combines the Digital Customer Experience expertise of DSG and the end-to-end proposition of MVNE, with the data-driven CVM expertise of BLS. The prospect of mutual innovation is very exciting as the clear trends for the next generation of Customer Engagement strategies in all industries is to use the mobile device to drive revenue and customer satisfaction even more than today, and the insight derived from new forms of Big Data is central to making each engagement unique. I am positive that together we will bring huge value to our clients, with pioneering solutions to deliver personalised contextual experiences across the customer lifecycle.

About Digital Solutions Group (DSG)

Visit: www.dsg.co.za

At DSG, we create meaningful brand experiences that crossover all relevant channels to reach your consumers—on their terms. With a track record spanning 18 years, DSG has become one of the leading providers of On-Demand Customer Experience and Digital Solutions, serving some of South Africa’s premier consumer-facing and corporate brands. Our solutions are based on clear performance objectives for customer acquisition, retention and to maximise life time value of customers.

About MVNE Pty Ltd

Visit: www.mvne.co.za

Africa is a ‘Mobile First’ Internet Economy, meaning that African Consumers are more likely to encounter a brand’s Digital presence on a mobile device than through any other medium. Incorporating a robust approach to mobile into a business’ strategy has therefore become of absolute importance to all major African consumer-facing brands. MVNE was founded at the beginning of 2013 specifically to assist large consumer facing brands in pursuing greater ownership of the mobile telecoms value chain to the broader benefit of their core business. The architecture and operating model is designed in such a manner as to incorporate best-of-breed MVNO practices to deliver a single unified system catering for greater control of the customer experience with a low overall total cost of ownership.

About Business Logic Systems (BLS)

Visit: www.businesslogicsystems.com

Our passion at BLS is to transform customer data into actionable insight, enabling automated data-driven Customer Value Management & Loyalty Programmes that help our partners create greater value for both their customers and their shareholders. With a strong software development background and 18 year experience in loading, processing and working with the growing volumes of data from multiple sources, BLS continue to innovate to provide a range of CVM, Loyalty and VAS solutions tailored to address a range of strategic KPIs and help transform any business from a volume to a value-led approach. BLS has a global client footprint with clients in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe, including major Mobile Operator groups, working to provide both technology and outsourced CVM services to enable an effective, insight-led, data-driven approach to delivering incremental value from the customer base.

Discover how BLS CVM solutions and services could help you achieve your targets – get in touch today to arrange your demonstration: Email us at: info@businesslogic.co.uk





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