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BLS at the Transylvania Megahack – Innovation for Banking 3.0

BLS at the Transylvania Megahack – Innovation for Banking 3.0

Posted by: rfrancombe Posted in: Date: 15 Nov 2016

It was a busy weekend for Business Logic Systems as we participated in the Transylvania Megahack, an event within the Cluj Techfest, the November innovation festival across the city. 

We entered the Megahack with an open mind, signing up to the BRD Digital Banking challenge and aiming to create a new customer experience that leveraged our team experience, thought-leadership and available published BLS database and API technologies from our InTelestage suite. The result was 'Circles', a Mobile Application that provides a fun personalised, digital and gamified shopping experience for consumers when they use their bank card at malls and shopping centres with partners of the bank.


The event, organised by the Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, was a tremendous success for all involved as the brightest minds in the ‘silicon valley of Europe’ came together to compete in the 50 hour innovation marathon and worked to solve real business issues set as ‘challenges’ by leading organisations such as Betfair, BRD Bank, Eximtur, Untold festival, Onyx, and Gameloft.    

At BLS, as part of our recent Research and Development, we have been working with Banks as they form a Digital Strategy and seek new ways to build closer relationships with their customers. In Romania, there are about 10 Million customers regularly using bank cards for payments from within a population of about 17 Million. It is further predicted that roughly 30% of the ‘banked’ community is made up of customers using multiple card products across multiple banks, resulting in a significant opportunity for the banks to grow their customer base. Our recent research and published Whitepaper (request a copy) highlighted that one of the biggest opportunities for the banks is to incentivise the Millennial segment into using cards rather than cash as part of their lifestyles.


Building on the BLS expertise and applications for data-driven, personalised Customer Value Management, the BLS Team at the event conceived and developed a full Mobile Application targeted at customers of the bank, to provide them with a unique, contextual and gamified shopping experience at malls, shopping centres, highstreets and airports.

Branded ‘Circles’, the lifestyle Mobile App presents a customer with location-based, personalised, relevant offers from within the Bank’s partner ecosystem that provides discounts for customers when they purchase with their Bank card.

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The app transforms the consumer shopping experience into a game:

• Driving much-needed footfall to retail partner stores by presenting the locations of the available offers nearest to your current location

• Setting treasure hunts and challenges within a mall to ‘collect’ limited edition offers by scanning barcodes and QR codes with your smartphone when they are placed at a particular location

• Tracking all offers that are found, accepted and redeemed in the form of individual customer achievements that can be shared on social media.

• Engaging customers for the long-term, as they strive to upgrade their levels by completing challenges, accumulating achievements and redeeming tangible offers

The Circles App integrates with the existing BLS InTelestage™ CVM Solutions portfolio, a ready-made suite of data-driven applications that is able to be integrated with the IT environment of a Service Provider like the Banks. InTelestage™ allows the back-office administrative user to configure the necessary business rules that automatically orchestrate the eligibility, on-demand omni-channel presentation and fulfilment of value generating offers. The solution also includes full reporting and best-practice measurement as to the business impact of such initiatives.

To learn more about InTelestage™, or the new Circles front-end consumer experience now available, contact us to arrange your demonstration.

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