Discover how our Data-Driven Customer Value Management solutions could help you:


Turn customer data into actionable insight

Transition from conviction-led, broadcast activity that could be draining value from your subscriber base into the world of insight-led, micro-targeted and personalised activity to drive profitable relationships with your customers.

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Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Precisely target activity to encourage users to either consume more of a service or adopt new services such as 4G/LTE whilst maintaining Voice and SMS revenues, and create a new sales channel for bundles.

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Deliver personalised contextual offers

Implement a more customer-centric approach to outbound campaigning where customer activity drives the offer or communication, rather than the decision of the CSP to make a generic batch offer to multiple customers at a particular date and time.

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Keep your customers active

In just 12 weeks with limited resources you could launch a portfolio of 200+ micro-targeted campaigns that automate your customer lifecycle and establish an automated two-way dialogue with subscribers.

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Our specialist CVM team is dedicated to helping you achieve a faster return on your technology investment by building and delivering an effective, insight-led, data-driven approach to delivering incremental value from your customer base.